Matt Drudge is Basically a Hermit

One of the side effects of starting your own eponymous, one-man news source like The Drudge Report, rather than being part of a more traditional institution is that it's only natural that people will become curious about the man behind the medium. This has apparently troubled Matt Drudge, who's kept a very low profile for the past year.

The man who made his name breaking the Clinton sex scandal apparently doesn't appreciate folks gossiping about his own sex life. More specifically the rumors that Drudge may be homosexual. Out placed the politico on their list of the 100 most powerful gays and lesbians, and Drudge made a rare appearance in another forum, New York magazine, to state that he does not in fact "love sex with men."

The New Republic reports that Drudge basically lives life now as a wandering techno hermit. It's true that his home base is still Miami. However, they believe he's moved out of his flashy residence at the Four Seasons on Brickell. He canceled his radio show in 2007, and rarely pops up in public life. Privately, the only other bold names he talks to are Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, and former collaborator Andrew Breitbart (what a fun sounding little group).

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