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Matt Drudge Buys a $1.45 Million Safari Home in the Redland

Reclusive conservative news aggregator Matt Drudge of infamy just plopped down $1.45 million cash for a new bunker way, way out in the Redland. Drudge, who rose to fame and riches after breaking the first bit of news about the Monica Lewinksy affair, has lived and maintained his site in the Miami area for more than a decade.

Drudge, who celebrated his 45th birthday Thursday, is now the proud owner of a 6,500-square-foot ranch home located on almost five acres way out on SW 157th Avenue. Jose Lambiet at the Miami Herald reports the "safari-like" pad includes a Jacuzzi, waterfall in the master bedroom, and a state-of-the-art security camera system (a must for a techno-hermit like Drudge).

Drudge still owns his $1.4 million pad on Rivo Alto island off the Venetian Causeway but apparently has unloaded the $1 million-plus condo he kept at the Four Seasons in downtown Miami.

Seems like the perfect retreat for Drudge to dream up his best racially-tinged headlines.

Update: This video appears to be a tour of the 5-bedroom home: 

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Kyle Munzenrieder