Victim Jose Rey
Victim Jose Rey
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Man Shot by Neighbor Over Dog Poop Dies

Jose Rey, the father of two shot on Father's Day after getting into an argument over his dog trying to relieve itself on a neighbor's lawn, has died as a result of his injuries. The charges against Omar Rodriguez, currently attempted murder, are expected to be increased as a result. 

The strange incident occurred June 21 in Kendall. Rey, 52, was out walking his dog when its attempt to poop caught the ire of a neighbor's visiting father, 66-year-old Omar Rodriguez. After Rodriguez and Rey got into an argument, Rodriguez retrieved a pistol from his car's glove compartment and shot Rodriguez three times. When Rey's wife tried to help her husband, Rodriguez allegedly told her to stay away and threatened to shoot her too. 

Rodriguez says he shot Rey in self-defense, claiming he saw a shiny object in Rey's hand. Police found a knife near the scene but have not determined whose it was.

Rey was transported to Kendall Regional Medical Center, where he remained in critical condition until last night, when he passed away, according to NBC Miami

Over the weekend, the Miami Herald documented the strange history of Rodriguez, who has tormented neighbors in three Miami-Dade neighborhoods since the 1990s. One hundred forty complaints have been filed against Rodriguez since 2008 alone, though police determined his behavior remained ever so slightly on the right side of the law in those cases. However, he racked up four previous arrests in Florida since the '70s and once was put on probation on charges of stalking a former lawyer.

Omar Rodriguez
Omar Rodriguez
Photo Courtesy Miami-Dade Corrections

Rodriguez most recently lived in the Glen Cove area of Kendall. Neighbors there say he was generally aggressive and would patrol the neighborhood, calling in bogus reports of code violations to police. Several told the Herald they installed extra security as a result of Rodriguez. 

Interestingly, Rodriguez, a Cuban immigrant, has a proud academic history: a bachelor's degree from the University of Florida, a master's degree from St. Thomas, and a law degree from Drake University. Rodriguez, however, was never admitted to the Florida Bar. At first, it was because he refused to pay for a psychiatric evaluation. Rodriguez sued, but ultimately a court sided with the bar, citing Rodriguez's brushes with the law and numerous civil-suit entanglements. It appears he instead tried to channel his legal interests into pursuing code complaints and various civil lawsuits against neighbors over the years. 

Rodriguez was denied bond and remains held at Metro West Detention Center. In addition to the attempted murder charge, he also faces a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

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