Local Bloggers Love Herald's Local Blog Aggregator

The Herald hasn't figured what to do with this internet thing anymore than any other paper, but they've taken a big step in the right direction by partnering with BlogNetNews to create a community blog aggregator

Not unsurprisingly, the local bloggers are quite pleased. 

From the South Florida Blogosphere's single biggest booster SFDB: "The Herald's blog aggregator is a very, very good thing for the online Herald and the South Florida blogosphere. It effectively intertwines the two and opens up the shadowy, back alley world of blog commentary to the general public."

From one of The Herald's toughest (and often right) critics, Random Pixels: "The Herald and local bloggers are now finally partners. And as Martha Stewart would say, "It's a good thing."

From blogger (and new weekend editor) Carlos Miller: "The page will also include blogs from other corporate media companies, including the New Times and the South Florida Sun Sentinel."

Really? Oh, look there we are. Considering we link heavily to The Herald in each morning's news roundup, it's nice that we've been included. 

Anyway, The Herald's simultaneously found a way to provide a valuable and useable service while getting some rare praise from the blogosphere, so kudos to them. 

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Kyle Munzenrieder