New Times News Editor Jessica Lipscomb Wins Prestigious Clarion Award
Brian Stauffer

New Times News Editor Jessica Lipscomb Wins Prestigious Clarion Award

Miami New Times news editor Jessica Lipscomb has won the 2019 Clarion Award for the best feature story in a weekly newspaper in the United States. Sponsored by the  Association for Women in Communications (AWC), the Clarions are a hotly contested national competition.

The winning story, "Deadly Dreams," detailed the dangers of cosleeping. Here is quick snippet.

Nationally, research suggests an alarming number of babies are regularly placed in danger by their parents. A 2016 study published by the American Academy of Pediatrics shows that about 28 percent of newborns go to sleep with another person, while more than 90 percent sleep with loose bedding or another suffocation hazard within reach.

So why do parents continue to sleep with their young children? Some accidentally doze off while breastfeeding or snuggling with their babies on couches or rockers late at night. Others are simply unaware of the risks of sharing a bed with an infant.

"Their parents or grandparents told them: 'I slept with all of my babies, and they all survived,'" says Pellan, the Pinellas death investigator.

But studies show some educated parents also choose to sleep with their children. Many couples believe sharing a bed encourages bonding with a new baby, while some breastfeeding mothers say it makes feeding a newborn throughout the night less disruptive.

The award will be presented in September in St. Charles, MIssouri.

The story was also honored in the Green Eyeshade Awards, which cite the best work in the Southeastern United States, in the consumer reporting category and by the Florida Press Club.

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