LeBron James Pokes Fun of Himself in McDonald's Commercial

You told us LeBron that you'd win us seven or more NBA champions, you told us you would. So, now what? You're taking back that promise in a burger commercial? We believed you when you said, "Not 5, not 6, not 7... we can win MULTIPLE championships," while the entire rest of the world laughed in your face. Well, we guess you've got to figure out a way to still be valuable in commercials even though you're one of the least popular men in sports. If that involves spoofing yourself, so be it.

Here's LeBron's latest ad for McDonald's in which he hawks their latest go-around of the Monopoly game. The announcer hypes that customer have a 1 in 4 chance of winning comparing it to other things with outrageous statics.

When he's about to announce the slim odds of LeBron winning seven championships, LeBron interrupts with "Come on, man."

Of course, the ad brilliantly solves a problem many of LeBron's longtime corporate sugar daddies have had: how do they keep him in commercials despite the fact his marketability has slipped? Apparently, just have him poke fun of himself. Who knows, maybe the humble pie LeBron scarfs down with his Big Mac might even do him a little good in the image rehab department as well.

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