Last Night: 420 Friendly Comedy Show at Miami Improv

If you’ve ever failed miserably at explaining a funny movie scene to someone who hasn’t seen it, you know how tough it is to recreate humor.

Maybe your friends gave you a mercy laugh when you tried to recount a Saturday Night Live skit (back when it was actually funny). Or your date was still waiting expectantly for the punch line when, uh, you already told it.

For that reason, writing about stand-up is like singing about paleontology. Sort of awkward and unnatural.

So I wont embarrass myself and try to explain why THComedy, a show about 420, at the Miami Improv - featuring comedians Ricky Cruz, Forrest Shaw, Adrian Mesa and John Vargas - had the room cracking up last night.

Nope, I’ll keep this one short and sweet. And leave you with my favorite stoner thought of the evening:

Comedian Adrian Mesa has a big brown hippie beard, bloodshot eyes and is sporting a Nirvana T-shirt. He says, in a pot-head drawl, “Anybody ever try to throw away a garbage can?” He pauses to think hard about the concept. Then you see his face light up, like he’s reached some type of revelation. “It’s, like, impossible, man.”

There wasn’t a mercy laugh in the house. But, maybe, you had to be there.

- Natalie O'Neill

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