Larry Klayman, Conservative Wingnut Lawyer, Gets Reprimanded By Florida Bar, Is Broke

What with all of his insane lawsuits against the Clintons, Facebook, Rachel Maddow, President Obama, and his own mother, conservative Florida activist and lawyer Larry Klayman is pretty damn busy.

Too busy to defend his real clients, apparently. The Florida Bar has issued a public reprimand of Klayman for taking a $25,000 payment to represent a woman in a high-profile criminal case and then allegedly failing to, y'know, do any lawyerin'.

When he was ordered to pay the client back, Klayman missed payments, whining in court documents that he's so broke he can't afford a bankruptcy lawyer.

Allow us to shed a single tear for the man who calls Barack Obama "mullah in chief".

Klayman founded Judicial Watch, the conservative organization that filed eighteen lawsuits against the Clinton administration in the '90s, and recently sued Hillary Clinton. Klayman left Judicial Watch and then, of course sued it. He recently sued Facebook for $1 billion for not removing an anti-Israel page, and represented a homophobic preacher in a slander lawsuit against Rachel Maddow. Oh, yeah, and he sued his mom.

According to a complaint filed with the Florida Bar, Klayman was hired in 2007 by Natalia Humm, a Daytona Beach woman who along with her husband was accused of arranging sham marriages in an immigration scam. Humm claimed that Klayman didn't provide any legal services for the payment. A mediator ordered him to return $5,000, but he failed to make timely payments.

In a letter to the Florida Bar, Klayman lamented:

I have and have had very little funds, as my financial situation continues to be dire. I do not own any investments or retirement plans and just have a few pieces of jewelry and clothing, a television, a radio, a bed and clothing and shoes. I rent my apartment. The jewelry is a watch which is of negligible value, and consists of a watch and a ring valued currently under $200.00.

He added: "I cannot afford bankruptcy counsel, having been asked for a

$5000.00 retainer which I cannot afford."

When we reached him by phone, Klayman said that he had since made all of the payments. "The issue was the delay in payment," he says, "as I was having financial difficulties."

Florida apparently isn't the first state to declare Klayman a deadbeat lawyer. His bar license in Pennsylvania is also under "administrative suspension."

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Gus Garcia-Roberts