"King of Instagram" Dan Bilzerian Could Face Charges for LIV Kicking

Dan Bilzerian, the trust fund playboy who has turned himself into the "King of Instagram," could face serious repercussions after he was filmed kicking a woman in the face at LIV nightclub over the weekend.

The victim has now been identified as Vanessa Castano, a student and occasional model. According to TMZ, after initially denying to press charges, she has now filed a police report.

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Bilzerian meanwhile took to Instagram, and in a now deleted post wrote, "Actually 2 girls attacked a girl I was with to the point they gave her a black eye and threw her off the table and went after her, b/c they wanted to get closer to me."

The incident happened when Bilzerian was up on stage at the club and was trying to bring a female up with him. At some point he allegedly decided to go over and stomp on Castano. He's since been banned from the popular nightclub.

With a police report officially filed, Miami Beach police are investigating the case and could bring charges. Castano could also file a lawsuit.

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