Kiko Alonso's 60-Yard Interception Return Leads Dolphins to Fourth Straight Win

Just when you thought the Dolphins would go out of their way to Dolphins away another victory yesterday, they went and totally redeemed themselves. These might not be your same-old Miami Dolphins, people. We're falling for it, aren't we? Eh, we'll enjoy it regardless. It feels right this time.

A funny thing happened on the way to another soul-crushing Dolphins' loss; the team snatched victory from the cold, dead hands of defeat. With San Diego driving for the go-ahead score, Kiko Alonso stepped in front of a Chargers receiver with a little more than a minute left and took an interception 60 yards the other way to give the Dolphins a 31-24 lead they would not puke up.
The Dolphins have now won four consecutive games since losing 30-17 to the Tennessee Titans a month ago. To see the Fins at 5-4 after their disastrous 1-4 start is a sight for sore fans' eyes. It's no longer a joke to mention the Dolphins and playoffs in the same sentence. Miami is at the top of every "In the Hunt" wildcard playoff graphic you'll find on ESPN right now. Next week, the team has a very winnable game against the Los Angeles Rams.

The clutch pick-six wasn't the only highlight of Sunday's win.

Jay Ajayi ran for 79 yards, ending his streak of three straight 100-yard games, but his hard running set up two touchdowns by his backup Damien Williams. The team's commitment to running helped keep the offense balanced and the Chargers' defense on its toes.

Ryan Tannehill continued his impressive turnaround from definitely-on-the-chopping-block loser to might-be-the-answer winner with another stellar performance. Tannehill was 17-24 for 240 yards and two scores Sunday, including a 39-yard touchdown pass to Kenny Stills in the first half that might have been the nicest pass of his career.

After the Alonso touchdown, Twitter exploded with disbelief and jubilation. It's been a while since Dolphins fans had a reason to celebrate. Hell, Twitter was barely a thing in 2008 when the Fins last made the playoffs.

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