Kent Harrison Robbins Calls Beach Towing VIP Decals "Status Symbols"

Sometimes lawyers are better off giving nosy reporters a "no comment." Thankfully, Kent Harrison Robbins had plenty to say about the VIP decals distributed by Beach Towing, one of two universally reviled towing companies in Miami Beach.

Robbins, who represents the company, says Beach Towing has handed out "thousands" of decals over the years. "It is a status symbol," he said. "Wouldn't you like to have one too?"

Umm, yeah, sure would! But unfortunately we had to remove Beach Towing VIP decal from our site.

Of course, Robbins downplayed the actual benefits of having a VIP decal, claiming the stickers are primarily used to identify vehicles that belong to tenants of private properties that contract Beach Towing. "The decals are not meant to be abused," Robbins asserted. "Most are given to some condo associations to hand out to their residents."

Robbins conceded his VIP decal lets him avoid having to pay for parking or search for a spot on the street when he visits his clients. "I represent a number of different condos," Robbins said. "The decal allows me to park in their lots or garages" without risk or fear of being towed.

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