Johnny Depp Reportedly Catches Bad Case of Bieber Fever

Johnny Depp has apparently been in and around Miami that past few days (he spent most of his youth in Miramar, so perhaps he's home for the holidays). He watched the Dolphins get their asses handed to them by the Bills on Sunday at Sun Life Stadium, but apparently the night before he was granted a private audience with Justin Bieber before his show at the American Airlines Arena. Uh, has Mr. Jack Sparrow himself come down with a case of Bieber Fever?

Apparently, he did it for his kids Lily-Rose, 10, and Jack, 7. They met the Biebed-one before the concert and apparently "hung out."

Though, Page Six reports that Depp showed up to the show in full Capt. Jack Sparrow and called Bieber "a good chap." Which, uh, what?

Depp lives in France most of the time. So, does he just travel with his Capt. Jack outfit in case it should come in handy? Why on Earth would he need to dress up like that to meet lil Biebs?

Maybe he was just jealous of all the attention Bieber gets. Maybe he sat slumped over in his seat at the concert while fans were screaming for Bieber, gently crying as the Capt. Jack mascara dripped down his face, muttering to himself, "Why can't they love me like they love you, Justin Bieber? I'm fucking Capt. Jack Sparrow damn it. Somebody love me."

Or maybe he just wanted to get attention away from the fact that his latest flick The Tourist is apparently a cinematic pile of crap.

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