Jeff McInnis: The Marsha Brady of Top Chef.

Jeff McInnis' Vanity Rears Its Ugly Head in Top Chef Season Premiere

Way to go Jeff McInnis! It only took a few minutes into last night's season premiere of Top Chef to show us you are complete douche when you stated, "As far as my looks go, I always get a server or food runner check my hair -- 'How's the hair?' -- I have a comb." Cue collective eye roll.

Thankfully, your cooking isn't too bad, because despite running out of time during the elimination challenge and not being able to finish plating, the judges seemed to like your dish. We can only hope you kept your mouth shut for the rest of the season.

Unfortunately, it was the culinary student Patrick and his former classmate Lauren who got the ax. It's hard to judge whether Lauren's skill weren't simply up to par because peeling apples without a peeler isn't exactly realistic (every kitchen has one). But Patrick's inexperience was painfully obvious when compared to the other chefs.

And then there is, sigh, Padma. She is still looking hot as ever.

-- Jose D. Duran

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