Jeff Ireland Assumes Control of Dolphins from Bill Parcells

It's not quite "retirement" number four for the Big Tuna, but Bill Parcells took one step out the door of the Miami Dolphins' front office today. The team announced that the now-former VP of football will step down to a consultant position, while general manager Jeff Ireland will take total control of the front office.

"Effective immediately, Jeff Ireland will assume full control over all aspects and decisions in regard to the Miami Dolphin football team and support staff," read the statement. "This was the intent of the structure put in place in the past. Bill Parcells will remain with the club on a daily consultant basis."

Parcells, the legendary former coach of four NFL teams, signed a four year contract with the Dolphins in December 2007, while Ireland, who worked with Parcells at the Dallas Cowboys, came along in January 2008.

Parcells' tenure saw the turn around of a team that went 1-15 in 2007 into the AFC East champs the next year. He Sheppard in coach Tony Sparano and his wildcat formation, QBs Chad Pennington and Chad Henne, and in this off season, signed star receiver Brandon Marshall.

Much of Parcells work for the year in the ways of recruiting and putting in place the foundation for the 2010 team was done, however his four year contract runs until 2011. Some don't expect Parcells to hang around after that. He spent exactly four years at each of his last three teams. At 69 we have to wonder if his next retirement might be his last.

The sudden announcement with out much context (perhaps there are unrelated personal reasons?) does have us a bit worried. If he built a team he imagined could do great things, wouldn't he want to stick around in his official capacity to see that play out?

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Kyle Munzenrieder