Jay-Z is no devil worshipper

Uncle Luke, the man whose booty-shaking madness once made the U.S. Supreme Court stand up for free speech, gets as nasty as he wants to be for Miami New Times. This week, Luke debunks rumors spread on blogs and YouTube that Jay-Z is down with the illuminati.

People who depict Jay-Z as a devil-worshipping member of a secret society known as the illuminati are whack. Hov — as they call him — has constantly battled rumors he rose to the top by making a deal with Satan. Recently, he told website Hip-Hop Wired: "When people have a certain amount of success, it needs to be explained in a way other than hard work and talent and being blessed." He is absolutely on point.

All Jay-Z has done is work his ass off. Back in the day, he was on my pay-per-view program Luke's Freakshow. At that time, he was hanging with Biggie Smalls and observing how the late rapper dealt with fame. He learned from other rappers' mistakes, and that's why he has lasted so long in the business.

Jay-Z is a loyal guy who is way ahead of the game — you don't see him starting beef with other rappers or going to jail for stupid shit. But because he is so successful, and married to a very successful and famous woman (Beyoncé), people search for something screwed-up to say about him.

I don't know any devil worshippers. And who knows, maybe Jay-Z and other rappers have some devil worshippers as fans. But that doesn't mean entertainers are sacrificing virgins for Beelzebub. I didn't even know who the illuminati were until the Internet started buzzing that Jay-Z was one of them. It's ridiculous. Jay-Z is a cool cat. He ain't Hollywood. He is a regular guy. He is so fucking grounded. It is a shame people want to link him to these lunatics.

Just because someone claims to see satanic symbolism in Jay-Z's videos doesn't mean it's real. Anybody with a deranged mind can conjure up images not really there. Two people can read the Bible or the Koran and come away with different interpretations.

But American society thrives on building people up and then tearing them down. Look at Tom Cruise. The tabloids go after him because he is a member of the Church of Scientology. If a man believes he is a spiritual, immortal being or a demon from Hell, it is his own motherf-ing business.

What people need to do is stop their obsession with the supernatural. Too many folks are into vampire and devil shit. They watch so many Twilight movies and True Blood reruns that they believe monsters actually exist.

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