Irregardless Is a Real Word, Bro

Bro, remember when Shit Miami Girls Say came out and Non-Miamians were super making fun of the way Miamians freaking talk, bro? That shit was super annoying bro. Especially the part when one of the girls says, "irregardless, I don't care." All the English language snobs were talking shit about Miamians always dropping "irregardless" into sentences when SUPPOSABLY it is not a real word in the English dictionary. Well, Merriam-Webster, one of the largest dictionary makers in America, says otherwise sapingos!

Yesterday "irregardless" was the word of the day on Merriam-Webster's website. There's even a handy video of Merriam-Webster associate editor Cory Stamper explaining why irregardless is one of the most hated words in America. Bro, there are a lot of language racists out there.

"We are often asked by people to blot all evidence of a particular word from the language," Stamper notes. "Not surprisingly, one target of lexical contempt is irregardless. Yep, I said the word irregardless. Despite conviction among many that irregardless is not a real word, it is."

Irregardless is so super freaking real, it is entered into all dictionaries.

It is a non-standard version of "regardless" and it is an adverb. The word first appeared in American speech during the early 20th Century and has appeared in edited written prose and in reputable publications, Camper adds.

So, ya tu sabes.

Although Camper cautions people who use irregardless (i.e. Hialeah chongas and Miami chicos) risk being corrected and accused of being ignorant by word snobs who don't know shit. "On the other hand saying irregardless is not a real world despite evidence to the contrary is just a different kind of ignorance," Camper says.

(H/T to Billy Corben)

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