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You can always count on Miami Today Publisher Michael Lewis to do what the Miami Herald editorial board won't do. This week, Lewis takes Miami-Dade County Schools Superintendent Rudolph "Rudy" Crew and School Board Chairman Agustin Barrera to the wood shed and whups them real good. Here's an excerpt:

For years, several board members in the nation's fourth-largest school district have been asking embarrassing questions of Superintendent Rudy Crew. When they seek details, he refuses and says things like:

"I do not believe that the effort required of my staff to gather and organize the information regarding job descriptions and cost of all board office renovations ... is an effective use of their time."

Would you dare tell that to your bosses? You'd be out of a job in 10 minutes flat.

And since Dr. Crew's bosses are chosen at the ballot box, he's thumbing his nose not only at the school board but at you. How does it feel?

-- Francisco Alvarado

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