Huizenga's Son Gets Two Years in Jail for Drunk Boating Incident

H. Wayne Huizenga built his billions from the ground up and eventually owned the Marlins, the Dolphins, and the Panthers. His son, Robert Ray Huizenga, didn't seem to inherit much of Daddy's ambition and was content to do things such as get drunk and boat all day. Now the younger Huizenga will spend two years in jail.

Huizenga, 47, was previously serving probation for a 2003 drunk-driving incident that injured a pedestrian, when he was found three sheets to the wind while driving a boat last year. He had docked at a random house, which he thought was his own. The homeowner called police, thinking he was about to be burglarized. Huizenga was charged with boating under the influence. This is Huizenga's fourth drinking-and-driving infraction. What a waste, and we thought his dad knew how to manage that. [CBS4]

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Kyle Munzenrieder