Hispanic Voters Truly Cannot Stand Donald Trump

Even as he has promised to deport millions, vowed to build a massive border wall, and slammed a federal judge repeatedly over his Mexican heritage, Donald Trump has insisted that Hispanic voters "love" him. An odd echo of that message found national resonance in Miami last week, when the group Latinas for Trump held its first public meeting, with organizers insisting a groundswell of Hispanic support for the Donald was hiding in plain sight in South Florida.

Well, a poll out this morning suggests that Hispanics rallying behind Trump is about as likely as Pete Rose humbly applauding Ichiro's hit record. In fact, Trump's numbers are so abysmal among Hispanic voters they're almost hard to believe. 

The new survey, via ABC and the Washington Post, finds that nearly 90 percent of Hispanics nationwide have an unfavorable view of Trump, with a robust 76 percent holding a "strongly unfavorable" view of the GOP's presumptive candidate. 

Getting nine out of ten voters from any demographic to agree on something is a feat in modern American politics. Unfortunately for Trump, what they agree on is that he's a spectacularly bad candidate for issues that Hispanic voters care about.

The Post's poll isn't full of rosy news for Hillary Clinton, either. She's still fighting her own uphill battle for approval, with lingering independent resentment over her husband's term in the White House mixing with the tailing Bernie Sanders pull from the left to leave her a 55 percent unfavorable rating.

But compared to Trump's numbers, that's almost a positive mark. Clinton is seen favorably by more than six out of ten Hispanics surveyed and a majority of women voters. It's men — particularly white men — where Clinton remains deeply unpopular, with 75 percent of that category disliking her.

It's worth noting that the Post/ABC survey of 1,000 Americans took place before the Orlando attack, the worst mass shooting in American history, unfolded this past Sunday. 

But another poll out this morning doesn't suggest that Trump's standing will rise in the wake of his extremely divisive comments after the tragedy. 

Bloomberg's new poll finds Clinton leading by 12 percentage points nationally in the wake of the Orlando massacre — although, curiously, a slight majority also said they thought Trump would be a better leader in the wake of similar attacks than Clinton.

Trump's slide in the poll seems more tied to his repeated attacks on Judge Gonzalo Curiel, the federal jurist overseeing a civil case against Trump University. Bloomberg finds 55 percent upset over Trump's comments in that case.

All of which deepens one of the central questions in Trump's campaign strategy: Will overwhelming popularity among white men — particularly those without college degrees — be enough to win a national campaign in 2016? 

The demographic numbers suggest not, especially if nine out of ten Hispanic voters punch Hillary's name in November.

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