Here's Another Cool Fan Concept for Beckham's Miami MLS Team Uniforms

Max Martinez spent his youth worshipping David Beckham's exploits on the soccer pitch. Growing up in Miami with a Real Madrid fanatic for a father, Martinez used to wear Beckham's number 23 Madrid shirt everywhere. 

So when MLS made it official that Beckham would bring an MLS club to the Magic City, Martinez got to work. Though he's not a graphic designer, the superfan says he felt like he was born to create a club identity for his favorite player's new team in his hometown.

"Growing up in Miami in the early 2000s, my screen name on AIM was MiamiBeckham23, and [I] truly believe that I was meant to at least attempt this," Martinez writes about his efforts.

Martinez isn't the first to take a crack at crafting a team identity for Becks' new franchise, but he might be the most passionate about the project. He says the team won't be just another cool sporting option for fickle Miamians; it will give other fútbol-loving kids something to believe in.

"I would wear my David Beckham jerseys around everywhere and watch the games with my dad all year but didn’t have anything to motivate me to chase the possibility of making it in soccer because there was nothing around to. No one said soccer was a possibility in America," writes Martinez, who went on to play American football at Cornell and now runs a venture capital firm. "I created this concept because I feel like it will eliminate that from ever happening to any American kid again." 

As for the concept, Martinez chose the team name "Legacy," because it hints at Miami's unique blend of cultures. "From the poorest to the rich, the Legacy can unite so many people in a way Miami has never seen. I am talking crazier than the LeBron days. This is the People's Club," Martinez writes. 

For colors, he chose a blend of red, yellow, blue, and white because "at least one of these colors is found in all of the Latin American, English, and U.S. flags."

The jerseys, meanwhile, blend those colors with a touch of Miami identity via tiny anchors embedded as a pattern. What do you think of the concepts?


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