Top Five Moves the Miami Dolphins Made This Offseason

Welcome to Miami, Mike McDaniel!
Welcome to Miami, Mike McDaniel! Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images
Are you ready for some football? Not yet...but soon!

Now that the Miami Dolphins have released their 2022 training camp schedule, it's starting to set in that the NFL season is around the corner. Mid-July practices fade into preseason games, and before you know it the Dolphins will be hosting the New England Patriots in Week 1 on September 11.

This offseason saw a massive number of moving parts for the Fins. So many that we've compiled a list of the most impactful. Take a look.

Dolphins hire Mike McDaniel as Head Coach

First and foremost, the Dolphins' biggest and boldest change this offseason was the team's firing of head coach Brian Flores. Few saw that coming. Perhaps even fewer people would have guessed that the Fins would go out and snag San Francisco 49ers offensive coordinator Mike McDaniel, but here we are.

McDaniel seems to have invigorated a roster that wasn't necessarily tired of Brian Flores but was stuck in the mud in terms of how far his defense-minded approach could take them in an offense-dominated league. McDaniel — and a slew of changes on the offensive side of the ball — promise to change the product Dolphins fans find on their TV sets on Sundays this fall.

Tyreke Hill Trade

Few players in the NFL can change the course of a game in one play all by themselves. Tyreke Hill is one of those rare players, and thanks to a blockbuster trade with the Kansas City Chiefs, he'll be making those plays next season and beyond for the Miami Dolphins.

When paired with Jaylen Waddle, Hill gives the Dolphins the fastest and possibly the best wide receiver tandem in the NFL. The team most certainly has its greatest playmaking threats this side of the Dan Marino era. Not bad news for Tua Tagovailoa heading into what many deem as a make-or-break year for the third-year quarterback.

Xavien Howard Re-signing

Teams that win Super Bowls don't often dump a top-five defensive player prior to winning it all. The Miami Dolphins made sure they didn't test that theory when the team re-signed All-Pro cornerback Xavien Howard to a massive contract extension this offseason.

Simply put: When Xavien Howard is on your football team, your football team is better for it. The Dolphins are capable of playing an assortment of styles and formations with Howard deleting half of the field one-on-one with the other team's best player in lockdown.

Terron Armstead Signing

Protecting quarterback Tua Tagovailoa was a top priority heading into the offseason, so the signing of former New Orleans Saints offensive tackle Terron Armstead must be considered a massive success. With Armstead added to the fold, Tua should at least have league-average time to connect with his new weapons. That's really all that can be asked after two seasons of running for his life.

Armstead is a proven commodity on the offensive line. In bringing him to Miami, the Dolphins filled a huge need.

Emmanuel Ogbah and Mike Gesicki Re-signings

OK, we're cheating. This move is actually two moves. But re-signing a top player on each side of the ball ensures the core of the team remains intact, even as the front office adds to it.

Mike Gesicki should be especially interesting to watch as he blossoms under new head coach McDaniel. Coming from his stint with the 49ers, McDaniel had plenty of success coaching All-Pro tight end George Kittle. Gesicki has long been underutilized in Miami; look for his stats to see a significant uptick in 2022.

Mark it down, fantasy players: Mike Gesicki is a sleeper. 
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