Goodbye to Mario Chalmers, the Miami Heat's Perpetual Little Brother

Remember when as a kid you dreamed about your parents putting your little sibling up for adoption? Well, the Miami Heat have pretty much actually done that. According to several reports, the trade of Mario Chalmers to the Memphis Grizzlies is all but official, bringing to end the point guard's more than six seasons with the team. 

Chalmers was originally taken as the 34th overall pick in the 2008 NBA Draft by the Minnesota Timberwolves, but his rights were acquired by the Heat. Chalmers didn't waste any time establishing his role as mischievous lil' bro. He was kicked out of the NBA's rookie transition program for smoking pot in a hotel room with a college teammate. But then he proved his worth as a teammate by starting every single game of his rookie season. 

By Chalmer's third season he would, of course, find himself an important role player on one of the most talked about teams in NBA history: The LeBron James-era Miami Heat. Chalmers soon found himself a bit of the butt of joke after people noticed how often teammates LeBron James and Chris Bosh would end up yelling at him during playoff games.  Dwyane Wade never quite yelled at Rio as much as Bosh or LeBron, but he wasn't afraid to goof on Chalmers in Instagram comments.  Or on Twitter: In fact, in 2013 when the Heat traveled to the White House after winning the NBA Championship, even Barack Obama had to jokingly address the frequent yelling.

Chalmers has had some other notable odd moments during his time with the Heat: He has a daughter named Queen Elizabeth. He once bought Drake's condo. One time he blamed a poor performance on crab dip

He's also made his mark on the Heat's record books. He shares the record for single-game three-point field goals, a feat he achieved in 2013. He's 4th overall for three-pointers made in franchise history, and 5th for both assists and steals. He also leads the team in both three-pointers made and attempted in the post-season. 

But Chalmers' aka Rio AKA Super Mario (AKA Super Nintendo Chalmers?) time with the Heat has now come to an end. The team is sending him to Memphis along with forward James Ennis. In return they'll get guard Beno Udrih, forward Jarnell Stokes and a second-round draft pick. However, the trade is ultimately viewed as a luxury tax-saving move. Shipping out Chalmers will save $6 million in taxes for the team. 

Heat fans, however, are gonna miss that little bro. 
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Kyle Munzenrieder