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German Bosque, Florida's Worst Cop, Is Finally Facing Jail Time

Let us quickly recount the glorious career of German Bosque, Florida's worst cop. He was arrested three times and fired five times. He was probed more than 40 times by internal affairs, including 16 cases involving serious battery and excessive force. He tried to board an airplane with a loaded gun, got caught with coke and counterfeit cash in his police car, was charged with domestic violence, lied to his bosses, and made up police reports.

And through it all, he kept his job and avoided serious trouble. Until now! The Opa-locka sergeant was convicted last night of felony false imprisonment and witness tampering for assaulting a local youth counselor.

Bosque's unwholesome exploits came to light in late 2011 when he earned a starring role in "Unfit for Duty," an investigative series by the Sarasota Herald-Tribune into how Florida's lax internal affairs systems and powerful police unions prevented bad cops from getting fired.

The Opa-locka officer was Exhibit A -- despite the litany of complaints and getting fired five times, he always got his job back. In fact, he was literally Florida's worst cop, the officer whose credentials had been threatened by misconduct more than any other currently working police officer in the state, according to the Herald-Tribune's investigation.

Bosque's response to the story was equally priceless:

During an August interview in Opa-locka, Bosque lit up with excitement when he heard that he led the state in discipline cases.

"I can't believe that," he said. "I'm not trying to smile. I just... damn!"

The greatest hits of his career read like a Training Day sequel treatment. He split open one handcuffed man's face with a vicious headbutt and spit in another one's face. He improperly chased a suspect until he crashed into a tree and then covered up his role in the wreck by doctoring police reports. He punched a teen suspect in the face three times and seriously hurt him.

But Bosque couldn't beat the latest case against him. In August 2011, he responded to a domestic dispute involving a city youth counselor named Korey Davis, who was sitting in his car with a baby on his lap after arguing with the child's mother.

Bosque reached into the car, grabbed the baby, and punched Davis in the face. Then, when Davis drove to city hall to file a complaint, Bosque threw his cell phone across the room, handcuffed Davis, and berated him for nearly half an hour.

Now, after yesterday's jury verdict, Bosque is a convicted felon. Judge Miguel de la O can hand him a sentence ranging from probation to ten years in prison, the Miami Herald reports.

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