George Zimmerman's Wife Reveals She Walked Out on Him the Night Before Trayvon Martin's Death

In a stunning admission that could explain what kind of mood George Zimmerman was in on the night he killed Trayvon Martin, Shellie Zimmerman has revealed that she had gotten into an argument with George the night before that was so bad she walked out on him. Shellie also says that their marriage is still strained, and she's not sure if it will last.

Shellie dropped the information during an interview with ABC News just a day after she was convicted of a misdemeanor perjury charge for lying about the couple's finances during George's bond hearing.

Shellie says she wasn't at home on the night of Trayvon's death because she had gotten into an argument with George the night before which led to her walking out and staying at her father's house. She didn't elaborate on the nature of the fight.

"Does George have a temper? How volatile did it get the evening before?" asked journalist Christi O'Connor.

"Not going to answer that," Shellie replied.

Though the couple did reconcile, Shellie reveals that the ordeal has been tough on their marriage. She lived with her husband in a trailer in the woods for over a year hoping that no one would find them.

"It's difficult to communicate with your spouse when you're under so much scrutiny from both sides and I think we both have been fighting for our own individual struggles to be heard by each other and that's been difficult," she said.

She said that while ideally she would like to stay married and have children, the 26-year-old refused to elaborate on the current state and future of her marriage.

She also noted that she felt "alone" and "slightly" hung out to dry when George did not stand up for her during her perjury trial or even appeared in court. She refused to answer if she was pressured to by anyone to lie about the couple's finances in the first place.

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