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Fox Announcer Accidentally Draws a Penis Onscreen During Dolphins-49ers Game

The Miami Dolphins beat the San Fransisco 49ers 31-24 Sunday, running their improbable, holy-shit-is-this-really-happening-right-now winning streak to six straight games. Ryan Tannehill is now the second coming of Steve Young. Adam Gase is in the conversation for Coach of the Year. The Dolphins haven't lost a football game since October 9. What. The. Hell. Is. Going. On?

But there's far more important news from yesterday's game, because a member of the Fox telecast drew a big ol' penis on the telestrator during the game.

Yes, we're 11 years old. No, we're not sorry. Let's be honest: You didn't come here for a game recap. You saw the headline and clicked on it. You're an accomplice now. We're in this together. 

During the first half, everyone on Twitter began asking the same question: Did I just see what I think I saw? Yes, indeed, you did just see NFL announcer Chris Spielman accidentally draw a dick and balls on your fancy-pants, brand-new 4D TV you just bought on Black Friday. Money well spent!

Once word spread that it wasn't just people's imaginations, there was a mad dash to rewind the DVR and tweet a screen grab of the big yellow dong. 

Tannehill threw for 285 yards and three touchdowns. Jay Ajayi ran for a score. But also, there was a big yellow cartoon-art penis drawn on TV. A big laugh was had by all. The end.

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