Florida Man Too Fat for Jail

We're not supposed to make fun of certain groups, including overweight people. But every once in a while, a morbidly obese person comes along who so horribly exemplifies every stereotype that it's hard to resist mocking him. Almost as hard to resist as it is for that person to avoid the last French fry.

Meet George Jolicur, a 38-year-old, 600-pound Florida man arrested for scamming restaurants out of food but then deemed too fat for imprisonment. It's almost sad, because his weight seems to be the direct result of his criminal eating habits. Excuse us as we dig into him like he's dug into so many all-you-can-eat buffets.

Jolicur doesn't appear to be a picky eater, but he had a habit of sending food back at restaurants and refusing to pay for it, even if he had scarfed down most of it. In one episode, he ordered five milkshakes but then complained the milk was bad and he shouldn't have to pay. In the incident that finally tripped him up — his jerkyloo, if you will — he ordered $50 of beef jerky, ate all but a few strips, and sent the rest back before leaving.

That's when the jerky store called the cops on this jerky jerk.

Police arrived at his Sanford, Florida home, according to the Daily Mail, and said they heard a man trying to impersonate a female voice while claiming George wasn't home. They then heard a real female voice shout, "George, just turn yourself in!"

According to the Mail, Jolicur avoided jail because it would be too expensive to house him. He's already eaten himself into his own cell, it seems, for he's mostly bedridden and breathes with the help of a respirator.

The cost of bringing him to trial alone would be thousands of dollars. Jolicur instead has agreed to pay a fine after confessing to five charges.

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