Florida Man In "A-Team" Van Rams Police, Gets Tased

Luis Davilo was just livin' the dream -- drinking some beers, cruising his A-Team van around suburban Orlando, pityin' fools -- when the Man unwisely intervened. An Orlando cop pulled Davilo over for not having his lights on. That's when Davilo sprang into Mr. T-worthy action, repeatedly ramming the cop car with his tricked out van. Don't you know what happens when you mess with the A-Team, Orlando PD?

Well, in this case what happens is the A-Team gets repeatedly Tased and sent to jail.

Davilo, a 50-year-old with a shaved head and an A-Team worthy goatee, was driving his van on Orlando's Lake Underhill Road on Saturday night when an officer pulled him over, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

Before the cop could get out of his car -- presumably while still noting "A-Team replica van" in his police report -- Davilo backed the Ford into the police cruiser.

The officer left his car, the Sentinel reports, and yelled at Davilo to stop. Instead, he rammed the cop car again, then drove forward into a light pole.

That's when the cop Tased Davilo repeatedly through his open driver's window. After backup arrived to drag him out of the van, police found open beer cans inside.

Davilo faces charges of leaving the scene of an accident, aggravated battery on an officer, resisting arrest without violence, and fleeing an officer.

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