Florida GOP Reps Apparently Got Drunk and Rowdy at a Disney Hotel

What happens when you put a bunch of Florida Republican reps up in Disney's swanky Grand Floridian resort in Orlando? Apparently some drunken, rowdy nonsense. No one knows exactly what went down on a night in November, but Speaker of the House Will Weatherford says he's looking into it.

Republican members of Florida's state House were attending a conference at the resort on the Tuesday night after Thanksgiving.

According to The Tampa Bay Times, several members caused a scene at the front desk. No one is really giving much in the way of details, but from what the paper was able to piece together they were apparently craving some cigars.

Rep. Jose Olivia of Miami apparently had some cigars in his room, but had gone to bed earlier in the night. A few reps tried to get a key to his room from the front desk, but the attendant would not comply. Apparently one even tried to slip the hotel worker a $20 bill. Only Rep. Matt Gaetz of Fort Walton Beach was identified by name as being involved.

"The entire thing lasted five minutes," Gaetz told The Times. "Nothing inappropriate happened. It happened three weeks ago and I don't remember it."

Apparently no one really remembers much. But speaker Weathford is on the case.

"There were rumors of misbehavior, or at least loud and unbecoming behavior of members," Weatherford told the paper. "I dealt with it in front of the entire membership, telling them we were there to work and I expected better from them."

The Speaker says he's not sure still exactly who was involved or what went down, but promised that he's "not dropping it."

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