Fix-A-Flat Butt Doc Oneal Morris Arrested for Manslaughter

Oneal Morris, the back-alley "doctor" who has been arrested several times on charges related to illegally injecting silicone concoctions cut with substances including cement and Fix-A-Flat, was arrested and charged with the manslaughter of Shatarka Nuby today. Nuby died in March due to complications from the injections. Nuby tragically had a history of taking illegal chances in order to surgically improve her body.

According to the Broward Sherrif's Office, Nuby, 32, of Tamarac, knew Morris, also 32, under the name of "Duchess" and would pay hundreds of dollars to meet her at her house and have her inject silicone into her body. Morris pumped up Nuby's breasts, thighs, hips and butt. Morris, who is not a licensed physician or nurse, did not use medical-grade silicone. A BSO spokesmen tells WSVN that Morris once told the victim's aunt that she used silicone she bought at a Home Depot.

Morris has been arrested multiple times in the past year for her illegal injections. Previous victims had also been injected with homemade mixtures, with Morris sealing the injection sites with Super Glue. In many cases, including Nuby's, she would dress up in surgical scrubs to give the impression that she was a professional.

Nuby, who had informed the Florida Department of Health that she was one of Morris' victims before her death, died in March. Her death was attributed to "massive systemic silicone migration." The injection sites turned black, and the silicone in her body hardened.

Nuby's tragic quest for a perfect body seems to have been a recurring theme in her life. Back in 2010, she was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison for committing credit card fraud. She opened cards under other people's names and racked up $19,000 in charges. Most of those charges were at a plastic surgery center where Nuby had older breast implants taken out and newer ones inserted. The mother of three told police that her older breast implants were making her sick.

Morris now sits behind bars herself on manslaughter charges. Nuby is believed to be Morris' only victim who had fatal side effects.

Though Morris identifies as a woman, she was booked into jail as a man. The Broward Sheriff's Office is also incorrectly referring to her as a "transvestite."

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