Few Updates in the Paula Sladewski Murder Case

Nearly three weeks after the body of aspiring model Paula Sladewski was found burning in a trash bin on a street in North Miami, Police have few new leads in the case.

Riptide briefly joined North Miami Police spokesman Lt. Neal Cuevas and Paula's brother on Headline News' Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell last night, during which little more was revealed.

The North Miami Police Department had previously promised a composite sketch of the black male witnesses outside of Club Space say Puala was last seen with, but have not been able to gather enough information about his features to produce the sketch. Though Cuevas said that the "black male" description does not automatically mean the man is African-American.

Last week, attorneys for Kevin Klym, Sladewski's Boyfriend, released surveillance video of Klym at a BP gas station near Club Space the night after she went missing to CBS4. Klym asked the clerk if he had seen Sladewski after showing him a photo of her on his iPhone. The clerk told CBS4 that Klym showed up in a taxi cab and seemed "tipsy," but very concerned.

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