Fane Lozman Fights Condo Manager Over Motorcycle Theft

Our favorite civic antagonist has a new

target. This time Fane Lozman is going after a property management

company in charge of his girlfriend's condominium on Miami Beach.

Back on Jan. 13, Lozman tells Riptide his 2009 Ducati sport bike

disappeared from the garage of the 9 Island Ave. building on Belle

Isle. So when he brought up the suspected theft at a condo board

meeting later that evening, he alleges employees of KW Property

Management & Consulting tried to shut him up and called Miami

Beach cops to have him kicked out for trespassing.

"They wanted to shoot the messenger,"

Lozman says. "They don't want people in the building to know the

security breaches."

The former Marine Corp. aviator, who splits his time between a house boat in North Bay Village and 9 Island Ave., says following his dismissal from the board meeting, condo manager Chris Crain called Miami Beach cops on him two more times.

Lozman claims Crain made sure to inform the 911 operator on Jan. 17, the third time cops were called, that he had to call police on two previous occasions to remove the city hall gad fly. Lozman alleges his motorcycle may have been stolen by construction workers renovating the condo's pool. "I was just trying to point out a major security problem," Lozman says. "Crain and his employer don't want hear about it."

When the officers showed up, Lozman claims Crain told them that he didn't have permission to be in the building. But the cops left after Lozman's girlfriend confirmed he stays with her occasionally and gets his mail at 9 Island Avenue. "It's unbelievable that KW would still retain Crain given his outrageous behavior."

Now Lozman is demanding an apology from KW's owner Paul Kaplan. He also wants Kaplan to send a apology letter to Miami Beach Police for wasting their time. Crain could not be reached for comment. Kaplan referred calls to his company's lawyer, Frank Simone, who refuted some of Lozman's complaint.

"He is not a unit owner," Simone asserts. "And he's been a little disruptive on more than one occasion." Simone says he understands that Lozman may be upset that his motorcycle was stolen, but that after reviewing security video footage, there was no evidence his Ducati was stolen from the garage.

That's because the video had already been recycled by the time KW officials decided to review the tapes, Lozman retorts. And it's not about his motorcycle, he adds.

"These big property management companies is that they don't want to spend for additional security to keep an eye on workers during a renovation until something happens," Lozman says. "There have been other complaints since my motorcycle was stolen and now they have a new security guard watching the entrance and exit of the garage. That's proof I was right."

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