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"Naturally Wobbly": Ex-Pornstar Who Mowed Down Miami Beach Pastor Faces DUI Charge in Another Crash

The former adult film star, who has been accused of causing at least four car accidents in South Florida, allegedly told police she's "naturally wobbly."
Katherine Colabella has been accused of causing several roadway accidents in South Florida.
Katherine Colabella has been accused of causing several roadway accidents in South Florida. Screenshot via Instagram/Katherine Colabella
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Two years after critically injuring a Miami Beach pastor in a hit-and-run, a Cooper City woman has once again been arrested for allegedly driving under the influence and causing a crash.

Katherine Colabella, a 34-year-old former adult film star known as "Kitty Bella," was arrested on September 3 after allegedly driving drunk, rear-ending a car at a red light in Plantation, and fleeing in her black Mercedes-Benz. She is currently on probation with a revoked license in connection with a March 2021 hit-and-run on the MacArthur Causeway, where she struck Miami Beach pastor Noé Aguilar with her car, leaving him in a coma for several weeks.

As with the previous incident, Colabella, who is now a hairdresser, fled the scene, according to police. Criminal and civil court records reviewed by New Times show she has been accused of causing at least four South Florida car crashes since 2016.

"I can do whatever you want. Jumping jacks. You want fucking toe touches?"

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According to an arrest report, after Colabella drove away from the crash last week, a Plantation police officer caught up to her in a nearby parking lot and placed her under arrest. He described seeing her "bloodshot watery eyes" and smelling alcohol on her breath. Colabella, who was crying in the backseat of the police car, allegedly told police she was unaware that she was involved in a car crash.

The report says that when the officer asked her to participate in roadside sobriety tests, she replied: "I can do whatever you want. Jumping jacks. You want fucking toe touches?"

During a "walk-and-turn" test, "the defendant made statements such as 'I'm a bit dyslexic,' and that she’s 'naturally wobbly,'" the officer wrote in the report. The officer says he cut off the test "for her safety."

Colabella refused to consent to a breath test, according to the report.
The incident comes two years after Colabella was arrested in the near-deadly DUI incident in Miami-Dade County.

At around 11 p.m. on March 25, 2021, Aguilar, a co-pastor at the Pentecostal Church of God in Miami Beach, was biking home from his part-time job as a waiter on the MacArthur Causeway when Colabella slammed into him and then drove off — continuing on to her friend's apartment and leaving him on the side of the road with traumatic injuries. He was eventually transported to Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Ryder Trauma Center, where he underwent surgery to stop a brain bleed and remained in a coma for weeks.

Colabella admitted to police that she was drunk that evening and panicked when she hit the pastor on his bicycle.

According to NBC 6, who spoke with Aguilar's family, the pastor formerly worked three jobs to provide for his wife and two children.

In an October 2022 profile in VoyageMIA, Colabella described how she was striving to move on from adversity and various "bumps in the road," though she stopped short of mentioning the 2021 tragedy. She said she had been considering a career in nursing but was too squeamish and "would most likely cry every day having to see people hurt."

"I wouldn’t be where I am today without the challenges and I still have so far to go. So long as we stay in the light and keep pushing forward everything will go as planned," she said.

Apart from the two accidents in which she was criminally charged, Colabella has been sued twice in Broward County court over roadway crashes.

In the first case, she was accused of negligently crashing into a vehicle in Davie in November 2016. (A citation issued to Colabella for allegedly causing the crash was dismissed.) The second case involved an October 2019 Plantation-area accident in which Colabella was accused of running a red light in her Audi and slamming into another vehicle.

Both lawsuits were settled.

In the incident last week, Colabella was booked at a Broward County jail on charges of driving under the influence, driving with a suspended license, and violating probation.
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