Plastic Surgeon Dr. Miami Accuses Florida Woman of Extortion

Dr. Michael Salzhauer in Dr. Miami.
Dr. Michael Salzhauer in Dr. Miami. Courtesy of WE tv
Dr. Michael Salzhauer in Dr. Miami. - COURTESY OF WE TV
Dr. Michael Salzhauer in Dr. Miami.
Courtesy of WE tv
Bal Harbour plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer says a lot of outlandish things.

Salzhauer, who was known as "Dr. Schnoz" before his reality TV debut as "Dr. Miami," has fought code enforcement officers in Bay Harbor Islands by declaring "sovereign immunity as a king."

He says there's nothing wrong with sending 7-year-olds under the knife for cosmetic procedures.

He's offered free plastic surgery for Orthodox Jewish singles because "the guys are being very picky."

But the doctor apparently doesn't take so kindly to being the subject of other people's comments. Last week, Salzhauer filed a slander lawsuit against a Lake Worth woman, accusing her of making outrageous and defamatory statements about him and his medical practice, Bal Harbour Plastic Surgery.

The complaint says the woman, Fabiola St. Lot, posted numerous such statements about the doctor. "[St. Lot] knowingly and maliciously made these false statements with the intent to harm Dr. Salzhauer’s reputation and business," the lawsuit says.

According to Salzhauer, St. Lot posted the statements "in an effort to extort funds from Dr. Salzhauer and Bal Harbour."

Neither Salzhauer nor his attorney, Josh Bloom, returned multiple phone calls from New Times. The doctor is seeking a court order preventing St. Lot from making more defamatory statements about him.

Although the lawsuit does not say specifically what St. Lot posted, the complaint alludes to posts on "third-party websites," which are framed as "a premeditated attack."

Reached by phone this week, St. Lot said she had not yet been served with the lawsuit. After New Times sent her a copy of the complaint, she sent a text saying, "I can't dispute something I don't know of." St. Lot did not respond to several phone calls seeking clarification on her comments, but later sent an email saying she was scheduled to attend mediation with Salzhauer's lawyers. "As far as Dr Miami matter (sic) I have mediation with his team soon, if nothing resolve I will contact you," she wrote.
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