The Dolphins Pulled Off the Miracle in Miami to Beat the PatriotsEXPAND
Photo by Michele Eve Sandberg

The Dolphins Pulled Off the Miracle in Miami to Beat the Patriots

The Dolphins were 69 yards from the end zone, down five points with seven seconds left and no time-outs remaining. The game, and likely the season, seemed over. Knowing the Dolphins had but one shot at a Hail Mary attempt, the Patriots dropped back tight end Rob Gronkowski as a final stopper.

The Dolphins would need a Christmas miracle to score. Then the Miami Gardens Miracle happened, an instant classic moment in Dolphins football history.

If it wasn't recorded on all kinds of video and audio devices, you wouldn't believe it actually happened. Luckily, there's proof and the Dolphins are 7-6, not 6-7, because of this little seven-second gift from the heavens.

Watch it. Watch it again. Send it to your Grandma. Put it on a T-shirt. Print it out and put it on your desk on Monday. Live your best life, Miami Dolphins fans.

Dolphins 34, Patriots 33. Real life. That. Just. Happened.


Now, let's check in on how the New England Patriots radio team reacted to this play. I'm sure they took this well.

Literally speechless. You hear someone say "Oh, Jesus"; then, following the play, there is radio silence for what feels like roughly ten minutes.

Now, let's check in on the Patriots fans. Surely they took it better than the radio team. I'm sure of it. Maybe not. Probably not.

It's quite likely many Dolphins fans left their seats and headed for the exits as they did in game six of the 2013 NBA Finals before Ray Allen drained a last-second shot to tie the game against the San Antonio Spurs. The play was quite simple as far as chaotic last-second lateral plays go. A pass to Kenny Stills. A toss to DeVante Parker. A flip to Kenyan Drake. And the rest was history.

Literally history.

According to Ryan Tannehill, the play was no accident. It has a name — "Boise." Patriots fans will likely add an f-word to the front of that when referring to it for the rest of eternity.

Not as if Dolphins fans needed a cherry on top of this miracle-win sundae, but the Kansas City Chiefs also won Sunday to move to 11-2, basically locking them into the home field slot in the AFC playoffs thanks to the Pats' loss. After all the Patriots and Tom Brady have done to torment Dolphins fans over the years, it's the little things that count to us.

The Miami Dolphins are now on to Minnesota next weekend, still, improbably, in the playoff hunt. Fans of the Dolphins are off to work on Monday feeling damn good about beating their archrival.

Victory worm time!!!!

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