Daddy Yankee Endorses McCain, Spreads Secret Republican Messages Through Lyrics

Obama may have musicians as varied as Will.I.Am, Daedelus and Joss Stone firmly in his corner, but John McCain finally has a melody-maker to support him who doesn't wear a 10-gallon hat.

Reggaeton star Daddy Yankee endorsed McCain at Central High School in Phoenix, AZ earlier today. Guess who the kids were more excited to see: the dude who collaborated with Lil Jon or the man known as Ol' John. After Yankee's awkward campaign appearance, and a lyrical analysis, we should have known Daddy Yankee was a Republican all along.

How deep are Daddy's rightest roots? Well, his biggest hit "Gasolina" is all about doing anything for oil, no matter how poorly planned, risky and stupid.

A ella le gusta la gasolina (dame mas gasolina!!)

Como le encanta la gasolina (dame mas gasolina!!)

In "Machete," he proves he's not afraid of making preemptive acts of force to assert his dominance and superiority.

Te pones picua

Te llevo en la grúa

So freakitona

Te aplico la cortizona en la zona

Para que sientas mi nivel de testosterona

Porque quiere...

Machete... (Afilao'!)

Machete... (Afilao'!)

Machete... (Afilao'!)

Píllala contra el muro!

He has an interest in material things, and thinks people should be responsible for making their own success independent of the government as proven in "Like You"

Come on cop me now, I got this game locked down

What you know about big thinged, chrome wheels, own bills

Me and you holding it down, its all real

Come On!

Or maybe all these songs are about fucking and thug love. Who knows? Just remember this election day, while you're at your mysterious touch pad station, remember who Daddy Yankee would vote for. Then think about how stupid it would be to follow the advice of a reggaeton star on important political matters.

-- Kyle Munzenrieder

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.