Christian Bale Foe Maria Salas Returns to English-Language TV on WSFL

Maria Salas is truly magic. The overly enthusiastic bilingual film journalist conducted probably the single most awkward interview to air on local news when she spoke with Christian Bale. Sadly, it seems NBC6 has scrubbed the video from its site, but the encounter was a thing of beauty. Seriously, there is a LiveJournal community devoted to it. In the interview, Salas keeps asking Bale the most random questions and always addresses him as "Señor Bale." Eventually, she asks if he's ready to take on the Joker, to which Bale responds, "I think I'm doing so right now." Salas concludes the interview with: "May justice prevail!"

She has interviewed Bale twice for Terra.tv (latest interview embedded above), but the next time the two old foes meet, it might be on WSFL's morning show, because SFLTV reports Salas is now back on English-language airwaves. Justice has prevailed. 

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