Cavs Clear LeBron-Sized Cap Space; Pursue Ray Allen, Mike Miller

The Cleveland Cavaliers are either doing a real fine job of actually luring back prodigal son LeBron James or at least making Miami Heat fans really jealous in the process. The Cavs completed a three-team trade today that would free up just enough money to sign James to his desired max contract.

If that wasn't alarming enough, they're also pursuing both Mike Miller and Ray Allen, two guys who did more than their share in last year's Finals to help James snag his second ring. Is Cavs owner Dan Gilbert hoping they'll help James get his third?

LeBron is of course in Vegas today and is expected to meet with Pat Riley, and he better have one heck of a pitch.

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ESPN has details of the Cavs trade, but the salient point to Heat fans is that it freed up $21.7 million in cap space for the team. LeBron's max salary would be $20.7 million next season.

ESPN's Chris Broussard also reports that the team is going after Mike Miller and Ray Allen, who are both free agents at the moment. Both are friends of James, though they'd likely have to try and free up more cap space in order to sign Allen, let alone Allen and Miller together. Though, there's no telling if either would be willing to take pay cuts.

The report also states that Allen has shied away from thoughts of retirement and is now leaning towards playing a 19th season in the NBA.

Cleveland could basically be offering James the opportunity to play with two of his old buddies and three of the last four first-round draft picks in Kyrie Irving, Anthony Bennet and Andrew Wiggins. He'd be the unquestioned leader on that team.

Let's not get too worried, but damn.

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