Casey Anthony Will Be Free Next Wednesday

If fans of the Casey Anthony trial were outraged by Tuesday's verdict, they're probably steaming after this morning's sentencing. She will be a free woman by next Wednesday.

That means Anthony, 25 and in excellent shape, can attend Splashion at LIV next week and shop for a bikini for the next hot-body contest.

She should have plenty of money. There are reports that New York book publishers are in a bidding war for a tell-all book (yeah, right) that can fetch as much as $3 million (who says crime doesn't pay?).

After hearing from lawyers on both sides, Judge Belvin Perry Jr. sentenced Anthony to one year in county jail for each of the four misdemeanor charges against the mother whose case has been the most watched since the glove didn't fit O.J.

Because Anthony has served 996 days in prison and she's getting 1,043 days credit for serving with good behavior, that means her four years are basically up.

The jury Tuesday found Anthony not guilty of murder or manslaughter, and convicted her only for lying to investigators. In court this morning, she seemed a new woman, her hair loose over her light blue Tommy Hilfiger sweater, but not as radiant as she appeared in party photos shortly after the death of her daughter.

Anthony, however, has been ordered to pay a total of $4,000 for each of the counts.

As predicted, fans of the trial, most of whom were rooting against Anthony in a case that rivaled reality shows in popularity, were outraged by the sentencing.

"Insufficient justice!" Flora Reece, an Orlando commercial real estate associate, screamed as the sentence was announced around 11:30 this morning, according to the Miami Herald.

Two college students told the Herald they drove 17 hours to attend the sentencing, though they came from West Virginia to support Anthony and the judicial system.

"We love and support you, Casey Anthony," read a sign they were holding.

Anthony was judged guilty in the court of public opinion long before the trial for the June 2008 killing of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee.

Anthony then went partying around town after her daughter went missing.

But prosecutors had no confession, witnesses, or DNA evidence tying Anthony to her daughter's death.

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Jorge Casuso
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