Brisco Turns Himself In To North Miami Police On Battery Charge, Takes Unfortunate Mug Shot

British Alexander Mitchell, better known as rapper Brisco, turned himself in to North Miami police last night to face a charge of aggravated battery. Police say he savagely beat an 18-year-old last week after -- yes, really -- heatedly arguing with the teen's mom.

Brisco's mug shot, meanwhile, may not rise to Mug Shot Friday levels of absurdity. But really, does that face say "The Opa Locka Goon" to you? Or more "Uncle Earl Who Works At Dunkin Donuts"? We expected more out of you, Brisco.

Last Thursday, police say Brisco texted 18-year-old Giovanni Nagy threatening a beat-down. They haven't said what started the fight, though the Herald reports that Nagy once worked for the up-and-coming rapper.

Either way, Brisco -- who, it's worth pointing out, is 11 years older than Nagy -- showed up at his North Miami apartment in the 2000 block of San Souci Boulevard. When the kid's mom came out to try to get Brisco to leave, the rapper got in an argument with her.

That's when Nagy came out, and Brisco allegedly beat him unconscious before fleeing in a white Range Rover.

Records show Brisco has only one previous charge in Miami -- for marijuana possession back in 2002. Prosecutors withheld adjudication and levied a fine on the rapper.

Nagy has no adult record in Miami courts.

Here's Brisco's mug in all its saggy wifebeater glory:

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