These Are Our Favorite "Miami Miracle" T-Shirts Depicting the Dolphins' Stunning Win Over the Patriots (2)
Photo by Michele Eve Sandberg

These Are Our Favorite "Miami Miracle" T-Shirts Depicting the Dolphins' Stunning Win Over the Patriots

It's been five sleeps since the Miami Dolphins pulled off one of the greatest finishes in sports history. The stunning victory will go down in the record books as a 34-33 regular-season win over the New England Patriots, but will forever be etched in the memories of Dolphins fans and referred to by its name — the "Miami Miracle." With seven seconds left and 69 yards to go, the Dolphins called a play — one they had never called before — in hopes of pulling off the miracle: Ryan Tannehill to Kenny Stills to DeVante Parker to Kenyan Drake.

Touchdown Miami. Game over. Have a nice flight home, New England.

Plays don't get named unless something amazing happened. And they don't get a dedicated T-shirt unless all hell broke loose. The Miami Miracle checked both those boxes and more, so people have been falling all over themselves — even harder than Rob Gronkowski desperately dove at Drake's ankles as he crossed the goal line — to create a T-shirt memorializing one of the greatest plays in Dolphins history.

When there is an intersection of profit and making fun of the Patriots, the internet never fails to capitalize. Here are some of our favorite cotton-pressed depictions of a play we'll never forget.

1. The holiday vibe ($18.99). This beauty popped up on Etsy this week. It is majestic in design and timeliness. The shirt is a scoreboard built inside of a gift box that comes complete with a Dolphins' throwback end-zone design, which oddly enough gives it an ugly-Christmas-sweater feel. Well done.

2. The Gronk-buster ($22.98-$45.99). You can order this baby in everything from a purple sweater to a luxurious zip-down hoodie. This treat is for the Dolphins fan who wants to show love for the Miami Miracle, but more important, hate for the Patriots — and specifically, Rob Gronkowski.

3. "The Play" design ($22.99). Basic yet effective, this T-shirt is for the Dolphins fan who doesn't want to brag but knows it is a pretty big deal. This is the T-shirt you wear to Home Depot on Saturday. Real Dolphins fans notice this one. It's not too flashy, but very complete in its description. This is the one to buy for your dad.

4. It's all about the numbers ($24). "17 + 10 + 11 + 32 =6. 12.9.18" — the numbers of all the players involved and the date the play occurred. This is sleek. You could wear this with fancy $500 glitter jeans to a club on South Beach and pull it off.

5. The bold and in our face ($28). Basic stuff here. You wear this to a game. You pull this over your head with pride. This one should read:  "Miami Miracle — Eat It, Brady"

6. The deluxe edition ($39.99). If this shirt were a person, I would tongue-kiss them directly in the mouth. It's fantastic. There is so much going for it. It's beautiful. Take my wallet and hand me the shirt. Between the official-looking design (it's an NFL Shop shirt, so, yeah) and the simple wording, this shirt is a winner in my book. 

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