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Ben Carson Got Trapped in a Miami Elevator Today, Proving God Is Real and Hilarious

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Nothing can happen in Miami this year that will be funnier than Ben Carson getting stuck inside an elevator today. Nothing. There is no single image more hilarious than the look on Carson's face as he walked through the elevator's metal doors at Overtown's Courtside Family Apartments and then realized they weren't going to open. Carson and Miami-Dade County Public Housing Director Michael Liu were trapped inside the elevator for a solid 20 minutes this morning while firefighters searched for a way to free the two.

Carson, in case you've been trapped inside an elevator yourself since 2015, is the famed brain surgeon turned failed presidential candidate turned comedically unqualified secretary of housing and urban development who has admitted he's unfit to hold public office.

In terms of Carson gaffes (and there are too many to recount right now), today's was top-shelf: According to Miami Herald reporter Rene Rodriguez, Carson played some foosball at the Courtside apartments while he waited for the building's codeveloper, Miami Heat legend (and philanthropist) Alonzo Mourning, to arrive.

Rodriguez later snapped a photo of the scene outside the elevator where Carson was trapped. Though Mourning looked mortified, everyone else appeared to be fully entertained by the brief bout of schadenfreude.

"Hmm, sure is taking a long time," we can only guess Carson muttered at minute 19 while stifling a yawn.

"We're stuck, Ben," Liu likely responded. "We've been stuck this entire time. How do you not notice these things? Also, please stop trying to stab the door open."

"Must just be a really tall floor we're passing," Carson then (probably) responded. "You know, they used to build ancient housing projects like this one to store old biblical arks."

"This building was built last year, Ben. You met the founder. He played basketball for the Miami Heat."

"Oh, I thought he was just a really big foosball man. Well, God has a plan!"

According to the Herald, Carson took the mishap in stride and joked on his way to another public housing complex, the Collins Park Apartments in Allapattah, to make sure someone had a key to open any other elevator doors that might get stuck.

Jokes aside, Carson is in town today on a brief tour of public housing complexes just as the Trump administration says it wants to cut $6 billion from his department's budget next year. Carson, who grew up in public housing but has neither studied the issue nor worked in the field, will visit Liberty City's famed low-income housing complex Pork 'n' Beans around 12:30 p.m., where a group of labor activists will protest his arrival.

Carson, however, seems excited about his trip: Look at how many fun parlor games he gets to play!

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