Barton G. Gets Into the Magazine Business, Because Magazines Are a Good Business To Be In Right Now

The Barton G. empire is known for its restaurants, catering and event planning, but now it plans to expand even further by entering the magazine world. Yes, the makers of your favorite fancy hors d'oeuvres are now trying their hands at making your new favorite magazine. Sounds like a great idea.

Vault Magazine is set to launch on April 26th according to its website.

"Vault Magazine defines The Art of Being. Social: what we wear, eat, talk about, and how we entertain," reads the site. "Vault is here to unlock the secrets shared by the heiress and the gigolo, the star and the artist, the mogul and the con man. They know surprise and innovation are essential in society, and in these pages you will encounter a heady mix: high fashion and high concepts, breezy intellectualism and serious frivolity. It's about knowing how to attend a party as well as throw one."

Their secrets: The heiress is fucking the gigolo, the star never wears panties to auditions, the artist just kind of splatters paint at things while he's high of his mind and calls it art but at least has always has the best drugs at the party, and the mogul and the con man are basically one in the same. Anyway...

The magazine will publish five times a year and target costumers n Miami, LA and NYC. Which is odd considering the Barton G. empire doesn't extend that far beyond South Florida. That empire already includes the Villa By Barton G., the upscale restaurant, hotel and event space in the former Ocean Drive home of Gianni Versace, and two other restaurants in addition to the original catering and events operation.

The Miami Herald reports that Glenn Albin, formerly of Ocean Drive and Plum Miami, and Eric Newell, also formerly of Ocean Drive, will sit atop the masthead as editorial director and executive editor respectively.

Oh, also, Barton G. Weiss himself tells the Herald, "We don't have advertisers, we have partners."

Uh, huh.

Of course, the world hasn't been too kind to locally-oriented luxury magazines lately. One only needs to visit the graves of Plum's short lived attempt at publishing, MAP, 944 and Six Degrees magazines among others to be reminded of that (though perhaps they were relying on advertisers, without realizing they needed "partners"). Then again, Modern Luxury's Miami magazine is doing just fine, and the publishers are even set to introduce a mag aimed specifically at South Florida brides.

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Kyle Munzenrieder