Andy Murray Sounds Really Emo About Sony Ericsson Open Loss

Last year, Andy Murray reigned supreme at the Sony Ericsson Open in Key Biscayne. This year, he went out in the second round against some guy named Mardy Fish, who's not even ranked in the top 100 worldwide. Murray had a bye in the first round, meaning he didn't win a single match. Ouch. 

The UK tennis sensation, who has since become a part-time Miami resident, seems pretty emo about the whole thing. 

"I haven't been tough enough on the court and that's what's most disappointing. Mentally, the last few weeks I've been really poor and unacceptable," Murray 

tells the Press Association


Apparently, a psychologist is on call to help him with his game. 

"I've been very happy off the court but not on it, and that's where I need to be happy just now because this is my career.

"I need to start to enjoy my tennis again like at the start of the year. I need to be that person again."

Roberto Forzoni, a psychologist who apparently has no problems talking about former clients with the press, says, "I'm there for him. We've got a good relationship and he can pick up the phone at any time. I'm going to be trying to contact him in the next day or so to see if there's anything I can do."

Keep him away from the Bright Eyes albums, doctor, because Murray sounds kind of depressed right now. Or maybe he's just desperately in love with his adopted playwright sister. Who knows with these tennis people. 

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