Add Tomatoes To The "Do Not Eat" List

Every year there is some food out there that can kill you (we all remember the spinach scare in 2006). This year's deadly foodstuff is tomatoes.

Tomatoes form the base of many dishes, unlike spinach which can easily be avoided (unless you have an addiction to the stuff that can rival Popeye's), and thus pose a greater threat. Several restaurants like McDonald's and Burger King have withdrawn tomatoes from their menu items, most likely because they don't want to be sued.

What's wrong with the tomatoes, you may ask. Salmonella is your answer. 167 people have been infected with the disease thanks to the juicy fruit/vegetable.

There's one more thing, not all tomatoes are affected. Only plum, Roma and red tomatoes can kill you (yes, even those grown in Florida). So next time, you're choosing tomatoes at your local grocery store, know that you are effectively playing Russian roulette. -- Elvis Ramirez

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