$35,000 Worth of Christmas Trees Stolen From Kendall CostcoEXPAND
Photo by epSos .de's Flickr | CC2.0

$35,000 Worth of Christmas Trees Stolen From Kendall Costco

There are two types of mothers the day after Thanksgiving: those who rush out to get Black Friday deals and those who immediately go into Christmas mode and find "the perfect tree." Well, if your mom is the latter type and hoped to pick up a Christmas tree at the Kendall Costco, she might be disappointed.

Thieves reportedly stole two semitrailers full of Christmas trees from outside the Costco at 13450 SW 120th St. the night before Thanksgiving. Approximately 1,000 trees were inside the two trailers. According to CNN, the trees were worth a total of $35,000, but the owner of the trees, a company named Florida Beauty, may be more upset about the trailers than the products inside them. The trailers were new models worth $75,000.

The company says it last received a signal from one of the trailers on I-75 near Weston but has since lost track of them. Of course, the trees should be relatively easy to get rid of. They don't have serial numbers, for instance, and they're in demand right now. In that respect, it's a diabolically perfect crime. 

Leave it to South Florida criminals to find the perfect way to exploit the holidays. 

The Kendall Costco, however, says more trees are on the way, but Florida Beauty seems to be placing blame on the store. Frank Ducassi, vice president of Florida Beauty, tells the Miami Herald that the trailers should have been better secured with a "pick lock." The lock would have prevented the trailers from being hooked up to another truck, but Ducassi thinks the trailer may have been locked only from behind.

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