YMCMB Movie: Five Rules for Joining Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, and Birdman's Rich Gang

The Young Money Cash Money Billionaires run every kind of racket. They got the rap game on lock. They got those drank endorsements. They even got that fashion shit.

And now they're making movies. In a recent interview with XXL, Birdman confessed there's a blockbuster in the works starring the whole flippin' YMBMC team. It's called Rich Gang, obviously.

So what does it take to hang with the Young Money Cash Money Billionaires? Just live by these five simple rules and you could join the crew. Or at least score a cameo.

5. Get Money

The first rule of YMCMB is obvious: Get Fucking Money. It doesn't matter what it takes 'cause the hustle never stops. Whether you're writing raps, signing artists, or endorsing Pepsi products, you've gotta stack them dollars higher than you can stand. And of course, the point of stacks is blowing them all over naked bitches. So make sure you stunt as hard as you save.

4. Get High

Besides making it rain, money is for getting turnt up. The members of YMCMB admit regularly that they smoke weed, drink Patron, pop pills, and fuck with that white girl Molly. Judging by their strange lyrical content and mind-bending visual aesthetic, we assume they take trips too. This crew is so dedicated to getting twisted that they go so far as to develop addictions to drinking cough syrup. That's what it takes.

3. Fuck Bitches

Now that you have all this money and you're totally blasted, hoes are going to be all over you. And they've got sticky fingers. So it's important not to get attached or let a pretty face control you. Most of these hoes shouldn't be able to get a dime from you. However, there are a certain number of hoes that you're allowed to keep on the payroll for trophy and status purposes. Just make sure they can really put it down before you hand it out.

2. Kill Haters

Rich Gang members are covered in money, liquor, and sex juice. So it goes without saying, people are jealous as fuck. This is good. You want as many haters as possible. Once you've collected a sufficient number of enemies, you gotta shit all over them with songs that make you even more money. More money means more haters, and the cycle continues to the top of the Billboard charts.

1. Rep' Your Team Until You Die

Because everyone outside your crew is trying to draw blood, it's important to keep your homies at the center of everything. Wherever you go, you represent the crew. You feature on each other's songs and bump the shorties with your Top 40 swagger. When you go on vacation, you invite everyone who helped you get there. You tell everyone all day about how you're the best. And you mean it. Then if it comes right down to it, you take a bullet.

Well, figuratively. 'Cause let's be honest, it's YMCMB. The only shoot-outs they're involved in are directed by Hype Williams.

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