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Nitti Gritti Releases New Remix of "Move to Miami"

Have you been dancing to the new Enrique Iglesias song featuring Pitbull, "Move to Miami"?

Of course you have. It's everywhere. And Nitti Gritti, the man who started the song, has come up with a new remix of it. "I made a demo that had the hook and the beat on it," the producer says from his Davie home. "I sent it to [another producer]. Pitbull eventually bought it and got it to Enrique. His people added some stuff and made it into magic."

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So even though Nitti Gritti is credited as a producer of the song, he never had a chance to meet Pitbull or Iglesias. But it has opened a series of doors. "The song has helped me make a lot of connections," he says. "I now have the same lawyer as Pitbull." It also gave him the opportunity to remix the song he originated. "I love how the original came out as a pop song, but I wanted the remix to be something I could play in my sets at a club. I wanted it to have higher energy."

Nitti Gritti was able to crank out the remix in only two days. "First, I work on a new chord progression or bass line. I try to make it move quicker with a build and a drop. Then I add in the vocals so it still sounds like the original song... Most of my remixes I do in two days. I'm a seasoned programmer."

The producer is working on his own solo EP of rap, trap, and electronic bass, which he hopes to drop in a couple of months. Not bad for someone who moved to Miami only in 2011. "I came here for college from Haiti, where my parents moved when I was 6 to do mission work. I didn't last at FIU for long. I left to study music engineering."

The only thing he was missing after his education was a good name. His friend Paige Elizabeth of the musical duo Bonnie X Clyde was happy to oblige. "I'm so bad with names," Nitti Gritti says. "I wanted something that shows I'm all about the music but also that I'm into making people party. She said, 'Nitti Gritti.' It means 'getting down to the heart of something.' I put the music above everything, but it still sounds like a party."

Listen to Nitti Gritti's remix of "Move to Miami" below:

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