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Winning! Cocaine! Tiger Blood! The Interweb's Seven Best Charlie Sheen Parody Songs

Charlie Sheen is a hell of a drug, and he's also the inspiration for several amateur musicians on YouTube. From a white Missouri rapper to a creepy old man's Sheen-inspired parody of "You're Beautiful," the interwebs are littered with people high off Charlie, and capitalizing on the 45-year-old actor's nationally televised downward spiral.

Following mainstream America's lead, Crossfade decided to exploit Sheen's self-destruction in our own way, a good ol' fashioned listicle.

Check out some of our favorite Charlie Sheen song parodies after the jump. Winning! 

7. Best Acapella Using Charlie Sheen Quotes: "Winning: The Charlie Sheen Song"

Like Charlie Sheen, this song doesn't make much sense. But that's why it's brilliant. And if you don't agree, you're probably not winning, loser.

6. Best Two and a Half Men/Cocaine Reference: "You Be Charlie Sheenin 'Em"

Y'all better think twice about trying to tame the tiger. Sheen is "strong as two and a half men when he's on that blow" and he'll fuck you up.

5. Best Original 'Sheen-Hop' Track: "An Ode to Charlie Sheen's Tiger Blood"

Whoa, was that Rob Dyrdek on the mic? Sure looked liked him.

4. Best Sheen Song that Reminds Us of the Education Connection Jingle: "Charlie Sheen Quote Song"

Johnathan Mann writes a song a day. But we think after 789 original tracks, he's starting to lose steam. "The Charlie Sheen Quote Song" sounds a lot like the Education Connection jingle. He's not winning.

3. Best Parody by a Bald Dude:  "Charlie Sheen Song"

Wonder if the PS22 Chorus will ever cover this song?

2. Best Sheen Song by an Australian: "Charlie Sheen Winning with the Tiger Blood"

This song just beat out Men at Work's "Who Can it Be Now" as our favorite Australian trak of all time.

1. Best Sheen Song Featuring a Ukulele: "Charlie Sheen's Got Tiger Blood, Man"

Ukuleles and Charlie Sheen's tiger blood are always a winning combination.

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