Rolling Loud 2017's Winners and Losers

A$AP Rocky at Rolling Loud 2017. See more photos from Rolling Loud 2017 here.
A$AP Rocky at Rolling Loud 2017. See more photos from Rolling Loud 2017 here. Photo by Sebastian Rodriguez
At Dope Entertainment’s third-annual Rolling Loud Festival in Bayfront Park, winners were dressed in thongs and fishnets, and losers spilled their beer on someone else’s shoes while running between the two stages. The festival didn't end up underwater due to rain as it did in its first year, and there was no pay-for-play stage as in the second year, so Dope Entertainment was a winner this year. But there were a few losers who don't get a pass.

Here’s who took a loss this weekend and who came out on top:


Chief Keef

Chief Keef attracted a fleet of fans who nearly bum-rushed the stage to catch his set. Roars of cheers from the crowd welcomed Keef before he got into his opening hymn with rapper Ballout. Despite his ability to keep the crowd turnt throughout his set — and his willingness to stay true to his word — he played himself just by walking onto that stage. Days prior to the festival, Miami-Dade Police had issued an arrest warrant for Keef's arrest after he missed his court hearing regarding an arrest in Miami Beach a few weeks ago. At presstime, Keef had not been picked up by police, but his grand performance definitely heightened his chances of returning to jail. – Tony Centeno
click to enlarge Play rap music at these kids funerals if they fall. - ALEX MARKOW
Play rap music at these kids funerals if they fall.
Alex Markow
Kids Climbing Up the Sides of Screens or Trees

If you don’t secure a spot in the pit, you won't get a good view of your favorite rapper at Rolling Loud. The key to success is to get there early, wait it out, and push your way to the front. Instead of waiting in the pit, a handful of kids decided to climb trees or the sides of the stage and the portable screens around the festival grounds. No. Not only does this block the view of everyone else who waited patiently, but it's also risky. Security became stricter by Day 3, but falling out of a tree can break your skull before you make headlines. – Cristina Jerome

Migos at the Monster Energy Stage

The group was supposed to perform at the Monster Stage at 6:30 p.m., but a rowdy crowd and/or disorganization caused a delay that lasted more than 45 minutes before Migos were moved to Postmates Stage. Though bottled water was handed out, that satisfied virtually no one, and when the group was shifted to the other stage, fans sprinted there.

Post Malone’s Late Set

Because of a rowdy crowd before Migos' set at the Monster Stage, the group was moved to the Postmates Stage. It caused uproar for Post Malone fans, who pushed their way to the front to see him. The switch caused a stampede back to the Monster Stage, where folks waited more than 45 minutes to see he “White Iverson” rapper. When he finally hit the stage with a beer in hand, it was disappointing. His two cornrow braids looked like they were 17 days old, and his makeshift bangs were stuck to his forehead by sweat. It looked like he almost ripped his skin-tight shorts as he paced back and forth onstage before giving fans what they’d been waiting for. Right as he began the last song of his set, personnel cut his sound, and the visuals as curfew was near — and Travis Scott still needed to take the stage. This made Post Malone take the biggest loss of the night. – Cristina Jerome
click to enlarge ALEX MARKOW
Alex Markow

Boob Flashers

If you were excited to see your favorite rapper at Rolling Loud, catching an a nice pair of boobs onscreen while your act performed was an extra treat. The screens flashed artists' names, Rolling Loud’s logo, the upcoming stage lineup, and ticketholders who wanted to show for the camera. During each performance, the camera operator went into the crowd to capture the faces of those enjoying each set — and several times got flashed with a pair of nice ones. Chest spotlights accompanying every performer onstage became a trend at the three-day fest. – Cristina Jerome

click to enlarge PHOTO BY ALEX MARKOW
Photo by Alex Markow
Denzel Curry’s Performance on the Postmates Stage

Denzel Curry has not hit the stage in his hometown in almost a year. The Carol City rapper spent time on festival lineups at Coachella and South by Southwest, finished his next album, and released collaborative records with Miami’s Twelve’Len, who joined him onstage. His performance created a frenzy in the pit, knocking over groups of people raging out to the rapper's hit single “Ultimate.” But getting trampled is all part of the festival experience. Curry also brought out J.K. the Reaper, another Miami native, giving hard-core fans the show they'd been waiting for. – Cristina Jerome

A$AP Rocky's LED Show and Fireworks

A$AP Rocky won over the crowd with his music and some surprises from backstage. His eye-popping LED show enticed fans as he performed songs such as "Pretty Lord Flacko Jodye 2' and "L$D." Rocky had the audience completely hype when he brought out special guests such as Lil Yachty and Broward rapper XXXTentacion for the craziest crowd-surfing session that the festival has ever had. The spectacular fireworks display signified just how extremely lit Rocky’s set was. – Tony Centeno

Travis Scott

If there’s anyone who did the most during his set the final day of Rolling Loud, it was Travis Scott. Although it took him a bit of time to make his way to the stage, it was well worth the wait to experience his Birds Eye View tour. Scott, AKA La Flame, performed a handful of songs off his new album, Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight, with an oversize, evil-looking bird, which Scott calls “Jack,” onstage with him. The crowd raged from the beginning of his set until the very end. – Tony Centeno
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Tony M. Centeno
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