We Are Your Friends Tour Brings SNBRN to Grand Central for Free Show

"But if you're a DJ, all you need is a laptop, some talent, and one track." 

Those are the words that come out of the chiseled jaw of Zac Efron in the trailer for his new movie We Are Your Friends, an upcoming film that follows four bros in their quest to conquer the world of EDM. And while that sentiment may not sit well with most DJs, it's undoubtedly how a lot of people feel about the world of dance music. It's an industry from which a new star emerges every month, and those who aren't paying attention will surely fall behind. 

SNBRN is a prime example of the bedroom producer turned touring goliath. Coming from sunny Southern California, the producer caught his first taste of major attention via his remix of Morgan Page’s “In the Air” and deep-house flips of Mark Morrison’s “Return of the Mack” and Ace of Base’s ’90s single “All That She Wants,” which he collaborated on with fellow newcomer Klatch.

SNBRN’s no stranger to crafting slick, garage-leaning beats, having been producing for eight years now. In 2013, he dropped his first original track, "Cool Beans." Since then, the blogosphere has been exploding with praise for the producer, racking up millions of plays via premieres and subsequent hype frenzy. He’s linked up with the management behind Coyote Kisses and one of the best agents in the game, Hunter Williams (Pretty Lights, MiMOSA, the M Machine). 
His career trajectory can only be described as meteoric. “It’s been a wild experience," he told us in an interview a couple of weeks ago. "One day you’re working on music in your bedroom, and the next you’re on the road every day.” His ambition is boundless, claiming, “I’d love to collaborate with Kaskade or do an official remix for Childish Gambino.” And while a collaboration with Childish Gambino would be a sweet direction for both artists to take, the prospect of a dreamy Kaskade collab is even sweeter music to our ears.

It’s been a long journey for SNBRN, but the producer has adjusted to his newfound fame as best as he can, with a rigorous touring schedule, a tireless output, and the eagerness that comes with knowing he’s just getting started. 

For many of these reasons, SNBRN is the exact type of DJ Zac Efron and his friends want to become in We are Your Friends. And it's fitting that he will be spinning as part of the official We Are Your Friends Tour along with Hook N Sling, Will Sparks, and many more.
The tight-lipped SNRBN assured us he’ll be back in Miami for next year’s Winter Music Conference. And he promises this to fans attending his upcoming shows: “I’m going to break out a lot of secret weapons and new tunes."

To attend the We Are Your Friends Tour when it pulls into Grand Central, RSVP at this link here and show up very early. This event will fill up quicker than Zac Efron's bank account. 

SNBRN with Them Jeans and Vito & Druzzi (The Rapture DJs). 9 p.m. Saturday, August 15, at Grand Central, 697 N. Miami Ave., Miami; 305-377-2277; Admission is free with an RSVP. Ages 21 and Up. Entry is first come, first served.
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